about Puzl

Puzl not only wants to offer you sudoku puzzle on the web, but tries to get a little further in meeting the real needs: a userfriendly solution with the possibility to solve any sudoku puzzle.

  • With Puzl you can solve sudoku puzzles.
  • You can create your own or choose from a list of puzzles.
  • On a regular timebase we offer new puzzles.
  • You can solve puzzles you recieved from friends or exchange them.
  • After you solved a puzzle you can challenge someone else to solve it (faster).
  • Puzl is a sudoku tool: after each input it immediatly validates every row, column or grid.
  • Puzl is userfriendly, you can use your normal keypad and navigate with the arrow keys.
  • Every sudoku puzzle created in Puzl has it own URL, thus making it possible to exchange it in various ways: via e-mail, posting on a blog etc...
  • Puzl is build on the current w3C webstandards making it work on all modern browsers.
  • and... Puzl is free to use. No log-in or registretion required. Online gaming without the dangers of spyware, adware, SPAM etc...

Puzl isn't yet complete, we are still working on extra features.

More info: info@puzl.be